United Trolley Collections provide shopping trolley collection services for supermarkets, shopping centres and consolidated street run services for all major cities and selected regions nationwide.

UTC are the only trolley collection service provider for Coles Group stores. We also service all stores for Target and Kmart stores in WA, SA, NT, NSW, VIC and TAS; as well as continuing to grow our brand with other retailers including Aldi, Rite Way, Toys r Us, Bunnings and other specialty retailers – making us the largest trolley collection service provider in Australia.

We work closely with store staff and management at each locality to make sure our teams are integrated into each particular site, ensuring best-fit solutions for our customers.

Our unique consolidated street run services cover a large group of stores within a region, keeping the streets clear of trolleys for the local authorities and ensuring they are returned to the appropriate location. We hire drivers full time to service each location and provide full training to certify their safety and that of the public.

UTC offers full store support, with experienced and trained staff members available at all sites for all service issues and prompt resolution practices. All sites are overseen by a Site Supervisor, Regional Manager and State Manager to ensure unsurpassed service levels at every store, every day.