United Trolley Collections take safety and best practice very seriously, our policies and procedures are professionally prepared and available upon request. Our safety and control processes are continually adapted to market requirements and meet both the national and international standards AS4801:2001 and ISO9001:2008.We ensure all Subcontractors and Team Members are kept up to date of developments within the industry and our safety standards and working procedures are kept to the highest standard possible.

To support our commitment to delivering and maintaining the highest safety and work practice standards, UTC State and Regional Managers perform monthly United Performance Reports at all operational sites and review these with our Support Teams to identify areas for improvement or further training requirements.

Risk Management Cycle

Our processes for managing risk are documented and applied to each site. They are continuously reviewed and revised where necessary to ensure that our people, visitors and clients are not unduly exposed to any risk.

The team at UTC has many years experience in the industry and has experience in all aspects of our business:

  • Reporting of incidents and investigation into causes
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Workers compensation claims
  • Injury management and rehabilitation
  • Public liability and general insurance claims
  • Site safety and risk audits
  • Safety education and training

The containment of risk to our business, people, visitors and clients is governed by our OH&S Policy.

  • Issues are identified
  • Planning is put in place
  • Systems are designed
  • Processes & policies are developed
  • Systems are tested
  • New policies and procedures are issued

Documented processes and policies are applied to each site and are continuously reviewed.